Feelings taste delicious.

Feelings taste delicious.

I know because I have been eating my feelings for about 10 months now.

It’s not so terrible; it’s also not a solution.

Especially when you rupture your ACL halfway through that 10 months.

So it is time to stop eating my feelings and just feel them. Feel what happens when I don’t put something comforting between myself and the discomfort.

Part of life is sitting with the discomfort.

There are lots of things we don’t get to choose, that we wish were different. And the only way through those situations is through.

So I started the Whole 30 last week to remind my body and my mind of healthy practices. Like grocery shopping more than once a month, or how to prepare my meals from ingredients rather than takeout boxes, or cooking meals more frequently than just for Sunday night dinner.

30 days of no alcohol, no dairy, no refined or added sugar, no janky carbs. And probably no of something else that I’m missing from that list.

Honestly, cheese is the base of my personal food pyramid and I’m pretty sure champagne constitutes the entirety of the second level. I literally have a cheese and champagne shelf in my fridge.

But when you are ready for change. Sometimes you come to the difficult thing and it feels like it has already been done. Because your health is more important to you than your resistance.

Normally, I agonize over when to start a cleanse, so I can time it just right to miss all important occasions where I will want to sip champagne or eat crostini. And I started to do that again and then I just thought, how do you want to live? Be bold, this starts tomorrow. It was Wednesday.

One of my friends pointed out that I’m usually a little angry around days two through, I don’t know, pretty much every other day of a cleanse, but this time around, it feels invigorating.

I’m not saying it is the easiest or every meal I make wouldn’t be better with cheese. Every meal is always better with cheese.

It just feels good to nourish and listen to my body and, in doing so, refresh my spirit.

So any ideas for yummy Whole 30 recipes and snacks? Hashes and stir fries are my favorite so far.

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