Heeding the sabbatical call.

Planning for sabbatical is a two-fold endeavor. On one hand, it is all head—logistics, timing, finances. On the other, it’s all heart—intuition, discernment, intention, preparation. And the heart part is a journey unto itself.

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Why sabbatical?

What if we all stopped and admitted trusting in ourselves—in our human innovation, in our human wisdom—isn’t working? And maybe considered there might be a better way. A way of wisdom for the ages.

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A couple months ago, I left my job, and I launched myself into an unknown that I haven’t experienced in my professional life—sabbatical. I’ve been working nonstop since before I graduated from college. In an office by a certain(ish) time, deadlines to meet, expectations to exceed, achievements to rack up. It can be hard to…

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Seek justice.

Let’s consider this scenario. A white woman goes for a run. She’s training for a marathon, so her daily runs have gotten longer, so for a couple weeks, she’s been running through a neighborhood a couple miles away from hers to get the extra training miles in. A father and son have been sitting on…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. Writing is a meditation that focuses my prayers, hones my thinking, and illuminates the path ahead. I find I write mostly about God, grace, growth, and grief.

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